Hailing all the way from the "City of Brotherly Love" (Philadelphia) down to the "ATL"(Atlanta) begins the new era of Dj ToNy SaYsO. The birth of him becoming a DJ was a slow nurturing process from his high school days of making cassette hiphop mixtapes and VHS music video mixes from BET and Yo!MTV Rap. Fast forward with time and changes in technology created an opportunity for him to be exposed to music artists and producers from all over the world. From this exposure he developed a complex ear for unique music. Also, his passion for art, photography and his occupation in the architectural engineering field all intertwine with creativity as being part of his love for music. Tony gives credit to his peers alike and audience for their positive feedback which continuously motivates him to hone his skills as a DJ of all genre of music.

Dj ToNy SaYsO main goal is to expose the masses to his eclectic variety playhouse of old and new music thru his DJ sets.

Contact at: ToNy@DjToNySaYsO.COM

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